Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

We expect a certain demeanor and adult behavior from all of our guild members. We expect you to treat others as you would wish to be treated. We do NOT expect political correctness. You want to be silly, be silly. You want to be sarcastic, be sarcastic. You want to be stupid, be stupid. BUT there are limits. While we expect you to know what they are, we the officers present to you the following Guidelines, but remind you it is ultimately in the discretion of the officers to decide where the lines are drawn or for you to convince us otherwise.

Below are basic guidelines we expect our members to follow. Violation of any can lead to disciplinary action up to and including immediate removal from the guild.

  1. All members should remember that Shield of Azeroth is about fun and friendship first, loot and experience second. We are a family NOT a gang.
  2. Engagement in any activity that is in violation of the World of Warcraft End User License Agreement (EULA) which would reflect on the status of or lead to the disbanding of Shield of Azeroth as a recognized Guild is grounds for immediate removal.
  3. No guild member shall harass another member/player, sexually, verbally, physically or through game play. This does not mean that banter is unacceptable, we are talking about harassment that is done with absolute, mean, cold and cruel intentions. Harassment will be treated extremely seriously and is grounds for immediate removal.
  4. Members should try and keep any obscene and or offensive comments out of any form of chat. Try and keep it PG rated or at least just R. The use of profanity while generally tolerable should be saved for the times that really, really call for it. You should try to use Damn, Grr, Aigh, Frig or something else, but we do recognize that there are times you just need to let loose. Try and keep these occasions as the exception, not the norm.
  5. Members will respect each other. Personal attacks won t be tolerated in game or on the message boards. Swearing at or insulting a person are examples of unacceptable behavior. If there is a dispute between members, it should be taken out of /guild to /tells and if necessary taken to an officer in game or in a chat room. You should try and resolve these calmly, coolly and as adults.
  6. Members will respect others. Shield of Azeroth wishes to be a well respected member of the Alleria Guild community, as a member you are a representative of Shield of Azeroth. Always remember this whether you are in /tells, /yells, /general or just speaking to another player be it member, newbie, or a combatant. Always behave courteously, calmly and respectfully, treating them as you would a fellow guildie. Should they be rude, obnoxious or otherwise offensive, simply ignore them if you can and remember their name so as not to have anything to do with them in the future. We don’t stoop to someone else’s level as it just demeans us, and gives them the attention that they want. The best revenge for a person like that is to deny them the attention.
  7. Members will be helpful if they can. Shield of Azeroth wishes to be respected for its competence, knowledge and honor. Be aware of your surroundings and be aware of others around you. Be willing to lend aid to those in need whether it’s throwing a heal, answering questions or offering directions. This can also include being helpful simply in general chat. It isn’t required that you endow the college fund of their first born or hold their hand for the next hour, but remember the person you help today might be the person helping you tomorrow.
  8. No guild member shall engage in Ninja Looting. Members will be honest whether it’s Need or Greed.
  9. All guild members are expected to help out other guild members in need. This does not mean abandoning a group in the bottom of a dungeon to run halfway across Azeroth. It does mean if you are soloing and nearby and able to you should offer to help if you can. This is after all one of the reasons we are in a guild.
  10. The Officers will handle each case of conduct violation as it warrants, but like in real life 3 strikes and you’re out.

Should you have any questions concerning these guidelines please feel free to ask in /guildchat or on the message boards.

Guild Chat Guildlines

One of the most important uses of guildchat is as a means that we as individuals can reach out to us as a group. It is for questions like, “Does anyone know what X is for?” or “about quest Y?” or “The going price for a Z?” or “Anyone wanna go kill Q?” or “Could I get some help with R?” Once the initial question is answered by someone, you should consider whether you need more information from the guild as a whole or whether you can get that from /tells.

/Guildchat is also our lifeline that keeps us all connected and lets us know we aren’t just a whole bunch of people stuck behind a glowing box, punching keys like chimpanzees in various locations of the world.

It’s important to remember that words are the only thing we see on a screen when using /gu. We do not hear the tone of voice of the person typing them, nor we do not know the intent of person typing them. We can only try and interpret from what we see, so it is very important that when we type something we consider how it will be viewed by others. Sometimes we will miss half a conversation through zoning or LD so it is becomes even more important we consider how we are saying something and how it will be heard. Try and use common sense when in /Guildchat (and even in /tells). Think about what you are saying and if it might be offensive think about maybe not saying it. Do not defame. Do not denigrate. Do not behave in any way that shows a lack of courtesy or respect. Words can hurt and we come into WoW to get away from the hurt NOT to get more of it.

/Guildchat is the major in-game forum that allows us to keep in touch and communicate with each other. In respect to the diverse group of folks that we have in our guild, there are some subjects that we feel are best left out of this forum. Some folks have some very strong personal views, and we play WoW to have fun and not to make others angry or uncomfortable. There should be no discussions concerning Race, Sex, Religion, Politics or Money.

That said, did you hear the one about How much the (insert ethnicity/religion) Priest paid to sleep with the (insert ethnicity/religion) Governor’s Daughter?

Which brings us to banter. Pushing boundaries, riding the edge, seeing just how far we can take it is only natural. We like to tease and twist and generally tweak folks all in the name of humor. It shows that we are comfortable enough with them that they won’t see it as an attack, but just as it was meant in fun. Again consider your words carefully and consider the timing of them. Also consider that the tone, intent, phrasing can’t be heard through the screen. Then consider :), 8P , 😛 , or (j/k). These things when added at the end of or in the middle of the sentence do send out the message that you are kidding where as their lack leaves us in the dark. But while these emoticons do add that face and voice we can’t see, still consider your listening audience and what mood they are in. If it ain’t gonna cheer them up, if it was said in any anger with malice in mind, if you wouldn’t want it said to you in a like situation then best do what my momma told me which is… say nothing at all.