Grievance Procedures

Grievance Procedures

If you have a complaint or grievance concerning a guild member please report it to your Guild Grievance Officer via PM or email. Please describe the nature of the offense and include the names of witnesses where available. The Guild Grievance Officer will investigate all reports of misconduct and make a determination whether or not the matter should be brought before the Guild Officers. If for some reason the matter cannot informally be resolved, the Guild Grievance Officer will forward the matter to the Guild Officers in a timely manner. The Grievance Officer will act in a fair and impartial manner when conducting an investigation.

Anyone accused of misconduct will have the right to know the nature of the allegations and the names those filing the grievance against them.

If, after investigation, a grievance is found to be just:

1st offense – a warning will be issued

2nd offense – a period of probation will be assigned during which the offender may be barred from guild activities including raids etc.

3rd offense – Pending a vote by the Guild Officers, the offender will be removed from the Guild by the Grievance Officer

Only those incidents that are considered major violations of guild poilicy/code of conduct will be dealt formally, however, the Guild Grievance Officer will be available for guidance or to mediate minor disputes.

Have fun and respect each other! Hopefully we never have to use these procedures!