Shield of Azeroth originally began as the guild Shield of Norrath on the Al’Kabor server when the Mac version of Everquest launched back in June 2003. Since then, our guild has become a very tight-knit group of adventurers who seem more like family than friends. Over the years we’ve prided ourselves on keeping the guild as drama-free as possible. We can’t say we haven’t had our rough patches–all guilds do–and ours is no different. But of the seven or so years that we’ve been together, a good 98% of it has been drama-free.

Those of us in SoA don’t think of ourselves as a raiding guild, but as a guild that raids. For in Shield of Azeroth, fun is our first and foremost objective. Progression and loot are great, but we’re not in a race to see who can get there first. However, we’re very pleased that we consistently rank among the top 25 guilds on the server. 🙂

Shield of Azeroth has been a part of the US Alleria server since World of Warcraft’s launch day on November 23, 2004.